Nicholas Partridge (A.D.I.)

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Advanced Driving

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Some of my previous clients have been kind enough to send me their feedback. I guarantee that these are all genuine clients and their comments were not altered in any way.

Just wanted to let people know that in all the years I've been learning to drive, on and off, that I've been lucky enough to find an instructor who is fantastic.
I truly do mean it Nicholas is so patient reassuring and never fails to boost your confidence.
I find Nicholas himself a person who is so calm and relaxed that it just makes you so comfortable and relaxed to which in learning something so important.
I would highly recommend Nicholas to anyone wishing to learn to drive. No matter what level your knowledge and learning capabilities he is very patient and reassuring and a way of teaching that just makes sense.

Liz - Rothwell (September 2015)

I am very happy to maintain Nicholas' 100% first time pass rate this year and can only deduce it down to his excellent and thorough way of teaching. Not only do I feel competent with my driving ability but I confident that I have been given the knowledge to be safe on the roads. I highly recommend Nicholas as a driving instructor!

Joshua - Stanion (February 2015)

The experience of learning to drive with Nicholas was very enjoyable and informative, he is a very knowledgeable and easy to get along with person. He encourages students through his enthusiasm and experiences of which you cannot help but listen and learn from.

As an instructor he is always striving for excellence and pays particular attention to detail, ensuring all of students meet their full potential.

After passing my practical driving test first time with Nicholas I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone else who is looking at starting on the road of learning to drive.

Callum - Stanion (December 2014)

I passed my driving test today, 1st time !!!!!!!!

I couldn't have done it without Nick as my driving instructor. He gave me the confidence to believe in myself.

When I arrived at the test centre I felt really nervous and emotional but Nick supported me and reassured me that I could do it.

Thank you Nick for believing in me I Couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor, I feel amazing !!!!!!!!

Kelly - Rothwell (November 2014)

I had a hugely enjoyable and productive time spent learning to drive. Nicholas is an extremely generous, kind and patient instructor.

I passed first time in both theory and practical thanks to his thorough and easily understandable teaching.

I would genuinely recommended Nicholas to anyone thinking of learning to drive.

Henry, Oundle School (March 2014)