Nicholas Partridge (A.D.I.)

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Level achieved

Advanced Driving

wIth RoSPA

The aim of East Northants Driving School is to prepare the candidate for the test and for life on the roads.

The school will do this in as efficient way as possible always aware that this can be an expensive process.  The school will ensure the pupil is well prepared for the test by clearly explaining the expectations of the examiner regarding the test.  A mock test will help the student to be aware of their nerves and we can work on coping strategies.  The manoeuvres are always well drilled so there is no fear when asked in the driving test.

Well, why should I choose East Northants Driving School?

Currently our pass rate for 2020 is 80% - this compares with a nation average of just 42%, as of November 2020.

Our school guarantees:

  • Highly qualified Approved Driving Instructor RoSPA Advanced Drining - other schools use Provisional Driving Instructors (PDI's) who have not attained the qualification, but are preparing for the test.
  • We have carefully thought about the risks in driving and work to minimise risks wherever possible and in turn increase the likelihood of passing the test.
  • An adaptable style of instruction ensures the skills and knowledge are passed on with minimal fuss well suited to the individual.
  • Confident, approachable and friendly personality.

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