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Preparing For Your Test

Preparing For Your Test

The driving test is taken in two phases – the theory test and the practical driving test.

The theory side is made up of two parts and is done using a computer at a theory test centre.  There is a fee of £23 paid to the Driving Standards Agency upon booking via

Part one of the test is 50 multiple choice questions which can be quite diverse. 

The purpose is to ensure your knowledge of the Highway Code is adequate in that you know how to deal with varied situations and have a thorough knowledge of the road signs.  

The pass mark is 43, but I suggest you score better than that in your practice attempts.

The second part is the Hazard Perception test which attempts to analyse your ability to identify and respond to a varied type of hazard.  This is done by playing a video and clicking the mouse when a hazard starts to develop.

There are 14 clips with one clip containing two developing hazards.

You must react only to the developing hazard as clicking too many times leads to a score of zero for that clip. 

The pass mark is 44 out of a maximum score of 75.

The Safe Driving For Life website contains a practice test and can be accessed via

Once this is passed the driving test can be booked via the fee being £62.

Then practice and getting as much experience as you can both with the instructor and with friends and family.  We are happy to discuss the weaknesses which need extra help and provide advice on the best course in which to make improvements.  We can invite the supervising driver along for a lesson to prepare them to promote the correct up to date methods and be a constructive element in helping the student reach their goals.

We will then do a mock test and talk about coping strategies to deal with nerves.

And finally we are happy to attend the test with the student so if the result isn't the desired one we are then best placed to correct any faults which manifest themselves on the day.

We have a booking process available where we may be able to book tests at an earlier date.  This is not available to the general public through the normal booking procedure.  The instructor will advise as to the available dates and times.